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Nexus 6 this Friday! [Oct. 13th, 2010|03:25 pm]
DJs Sprite and Gremlin spearhead the Kinetic crew’s monthly take over of Neo! Come to hear and dance your ass off to modern and classic EBM, rhythmic noise and techno-industrial!

@ Neo, 2350 N Clark St, Chicago
10pm – 4am :: $5 cover, 21+ w/ID

Previous Setlists: http://kineticnoise.net/set-lists/

Nexus 6 is the third Friday of every month!
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Aprile Kinetic Events [Apr. 10th, 2010|05:32 pm]
We have two Kinetic-related events coming up this month @ Neo!

1) Nexus 6 - Friday April 16th

Join DJ’s Gremlin and Licious in a fun-filled night of drinking and dancing at the esteemed Neo Social Club.

And good news! Former Neo DJ $#&@! (Censored) will be spinning with us to make the night even more memorable. Good times will be had by all!

This event is FREE before 11pm, so come out early!

Hope you can make it!

2) Singularity - Friday April 30th

The Machines Have Won.

The technopocalypse is here and it's time to dance. Singularity is where
the robot revolt ends and the party begins. DJs Sprite and misterentropy will launch an upgrade to industrial music, infecting your ears with the best new EBM, rhythmic noize, and techno-industrial coming out today, mixed in with the classic tracks you've come to expect on Neo's dance floor. If you want to experience a fresh and wide selection of melodic electronics and dark dance beats, don't miss Singularity.


@ Neo
2350 N. Clark
10pm-4am, 21+ w/ID
$5 cover -- Both events are FREE before 11pm! So come early!

You can find previous Nexus 6 and Singularity setlists here:

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Nexus 6 this Friday - 3/19/10 [Mar. 18th, 2010|04:19 pm]
Kinetic makes its monthly appearance at Neo, bringing a selection of industrial, EBM, and rhythmic noise to the dance floor. This month features DJs Weird Sketch and Sprite (last minute lineup change). Come out and support the nights you want to see at Neo!

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Nexus 6 This Friday! [Feb. 18th, 2010|05:32 pm]
It's that time again! Kinetic Noise DJs Sprite and MisterEntropy will
drown the dance floor in a sea of beats! Spinning ebm, industrial,
synthpop, rhythmic noise, and everything in between to make you move!

Friday February 19th
@ Neo, 2350 N Clark
$5 cover 21+/wID

Setlists from previous Nexus 6 events: http://kineticnoise.net/set-lists/

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Singularity - 2/12 [Feb. 11th, 2010|06:29 pm]
Join us for a Friday night at Neo so potent that it will curve space-time: SINGULARITY.

DJs Sprite and misterentropy (both of Nexus 6/Kinetic) will have you stomping the dance floor with modern and classic EBM, techno-industrial, and rhythmic noise.

We’ll also be giving away free mix CDs!

Friday February 12th
@ Neo Nightclub
2350 N. Clark
10pm-4am, $5 cover, 21+ w/ID

Setlist from the last Singularity: http://kineticnoise.net/2010/01/31/setlist-singularity-1-29-10/

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Kinetic events this weekend! [Jan. 28th, 2010|04:23 pm]
SINGULARITY - Friday 1/29

Cross the event horizon into a new Friday night experience at Neo: SINGULARITY.

DJs Sprite, misterentropy, and Weird Sketch (all of Nexus 6/Kinetic) will have you stomping the dance floor with modern and classic EBM, techno-industrial, and rhythmic noise.

$5 cover, 21+ w/ID

KINETIC - 1/30

Kinetic returns for a new year of noise on Saturday! DJs Gremlin and Licious will lay down the best in rhythmic noise, idm, and other atypical club sounds. Things will get a bit of a late start this time around, but it will be all the more intense in a concentrated dose! Six years and counting, Chicago’s angriest club isn’t backing down one bit!

@ Underground Lounge, 952 W. Newport, Chicago
11:30pm-3am, 21+ w/ID, $5 cover

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Changes at Neo & Nexus 6 Tonight [Jan. 15th, 2010|10:10 am]
From kineticnoise.net

As many folks have heard, there have been some sudden changes at Neo. Despite the rumors, Neo is NOT closing. The old manager is gone and new management is in place. We talked to the new guy in charge, tonight, and confirmed a few things.

First off, there are no plans to change anything with the next couple of weeks. The new manager is going to be reviewing how things go at Neo for a little while before he makes any major changes. He did mention wanting to clean the place up a bit and fix the sound, both of which are needed and welcome.

Yes, this means that Nexus 6 is still on for tonight (Friday Jan. 15)!Even better, we negotiated some changes. For one, the cover price has been reduced from $7 to $5, so it’s once again the same as other Friday nights. DJs Gremlin and Sprite will be rocking the dance floor, with a little bit of Licious thrown in too. Neo resident Razer-X will be taking the night off.

Since the new management is reviewing the state of affairs at Neo, this also means that we need to make a good impression and show ‘em what we’ve got. We’ve seen a lot of panic about Neo on Facebook and other places, and even some talk of boycotting the place. This is the opposite of what needs to happen. We need people to come out and show your support over the next few weeks — not just to Nexus 6 but to all the Neo nights that you favor. So come on out and support your local dark and aggressive dance nights!

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Nexus 6 This Friday! [Nov. 16th, 2009|11:34 am]

It's that time again! Kinetic DJs Gremlin & MisterEntropy will be bringing the best ebm, industrial, and noise to make you move on the dancefloor. Neo resident Razer-X rounds out the lineup.

Nexus 6

2350 N. Clark
10PM - 4AM
$7 cover 21+/wID
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Kinetic Events This Weekend! [Oct. 12th, 2009|11:21 am]
There will be no Kinetic this month because of various & sundry Halloween mayhem. All is not lost however. This Friday and Saturday, we've got a couple things to you occupied:

It's that time again! The Kinetic crew returns to Neo, wielding the best industrial, ebm, powernoise and everything in between to dominate the dancefloor. This month, DJs Sprite and MisterEntropy join Neo resident Jeff Moyer. Don't miss it!

Kinetic is proud to present a live performance and record release party for Chicago's own, Hymen recording artist Millipede. Come celebrate the release of his new album "All My Best Intentions." This event will also showcase the rel...ease of two awesome albums from excellent locally-based label Tympanik Audio: Access to Arasaka's,/b> "Oppidian" and Displacer's, "X Was Never Like This." There will be giveaways galore and DJ MisterEntropy will provide the beats in between.
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Kinetic this Saturday!!! [Sep. 22nd, 2009|09:04 am]

It's that time again! Kinetic returns this Saturday. Featuring cutting-edge non-standard industrial club fare, from rhythmic noize and powernoise to harsh EBM and glitch, Kinetic DJs Weird Sketch & MisterEntropy will be bringin’ the noize!

@ Underground Lounge,
952 W. Newport, Chicago
9pm-3am, 21+ w/ID, $5 cover
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